Investor Relations - Q&A

Current Investments

Intellisense Ltd.

Intellisense Ltd is an Information Technology company specializing in software development, Business IT Infrastructure rollout & maintenance, and IT training. Intellisense provides its services to businesses,government, and non-profit organizations. Intellisense also provides IT training services to IT students across the country.

We are currently screening further investment opportunities.


Q: Where do the funds come from? How can I invest?

A: The funds come both from the founders/managing board as well as limited partners (external investors with no legal link to the company). As Enzozo Ltd. is the investment vehicle, the investor buys shares of Enzozo Ltd. when investing.

Q: Is there a minimum amount for an investment?

A: The minimum investment in Enzozo Ltd. which we will consider is 100 US$.

Q: What is the amount Enzozo invests in African companies?

A: So far investment amounts have been in the range of 10.000 to 20.000 US$, but this is not regarded as a general rule.

Q: Does Enzozo Ltd. provide financial information about their investments?

A: Yes, we do on a half-term basis (twice a year). As with venture capital investments, projections are not as reliable as with other investments. This is why we cannot offer any guarantee on projected data. Of course, historical data is reported on the basis of our best research knowledge.

Q: How may I obtain further information about Enzozo and its investments.

A: Via email - please to contact