Why East Africa? Why us?

Africa has long been overlooked by investors and still is. However, as awareness towards the immense richness and diversity of the continent is rising, investment volume has increased within the last years. Enzozo Ltd. is at the very forefront of investors that believe in great potential of some African economies.

Our belief, but also our key to investing is that the team of Enzozo has both knowledge and experience about certain countries in Africa that can be drawn on. With knowledge about local business habits, potential risks and chances as well as political and administrative challenges, we feel well equipped to nurture the most promising businesses.

We have chosen Uganda - the country best known to us - as our entry market. Not only the country and the people, but also the legal and political system as well as bodes are known.

Especially in countries like Uganda, knowledge is an invaluable asset that differentiates us from other investment companies that might consider entering Africa. We are ready.